The Marlborough Falcon Trust was established in late 2008 by passionate individuals who realised that acting now we could positively change the outcome in the survival of our last remaining endemic bird of prey, the kārearea. Our goals are threefold, to rehabilitate sick and injured karearea and return them to the wild; educate the public through our Education and Advocacy programme on the importance of acting now to save this species from persecution; and thirdly to care for and breed young for release from those karearea that can’t survive on their own in the wild.

The Trust itself is comprised of a small but dedicated group of volunteers.  Our team includes a fulltime aviary manager in working with many Marlborough clubs, groups and individuals who donate their time and expertise. Friends and family are also conscripted from time to time.  We currently have five trustees who give their time.

An integral part of the trust are our falcons, we are incredibly fortunate to be one of only two organisations permitted by the Department of Conservation in New Zealand to hold and breed native falcons. The number of our kārearea residents is ever changing when you account for our hatches, rescues, releases and sadly deaths. We have a relatively stable population of breeding pairs, many of whom would not survive in the wild due to life threatening injuries or issues. A small number of these resident falcons are unable to breed because of age or impediment to fertility.

However the most important part of the MFT family is our sponsors, partners and supporters, without which we could not do the work we do.  As a charitable trust we are solely reliant on grants, sponsorship and donations to complete our goals of a thriving falcon population nationwide. Our sincere thanks goes to these groups from legacy sponsor Brancott Estate, who have provided funds and land from which we can work to those smaller groups of people who give time, effort, expertise and donations.

Please visit our Heroes page and support them. They are the true stars!