Diana Dobson | Falconer & Aviculturist

Diana’s work for the MFT has enabled her to fulfil a lifelong Falconer’s dream. With a background in Vet Nursing and a strong affinity for the rehabilitation of injured wild birds over four decades, Diana now has the privilege of caring for 13 magnificent Kārearea that cannot be returned to the wild in a purpose built aviary. She is responsible for the breeding programme that has enabled MFT to release 24 juvenile Kārearea over the past five years. 

Fern, our advocacy falcon, and current star has been trained by Diana from a young juvenile in 2012. She performs stunning displays that have entranced hundreds of people, providing opportunities for education and creating awareness that surrounds our threatened Kārearea.


Lizzie McFarlane 

Lizzie began her studies at Massey Palmerston North with biology and ecology papers grabbing her attention. She then went on to complete a bachelor of primary education and always tries to introduce the children to animal conservation at every opportunity, including hatching chicks and releasing into the wild. Lizzie's role as Aviary assistant at the Marlborough Falcon Trust is a culmination of all her passions including animal husbandry, education and even her love for design and construction when helping out with practical tasks.